Sleep Deprivation Take 2

After a successful first attempt but still learning a lot of the marathon around the Tan I had been looking to step it up. How could I do that??

I know I could start the Melbourne Marathon after being awake for24 hours,  yes that really appealed to me but then I realised that I had never walked great distances before and I thought 33 to 35 km walk into the race would be a great learning curve!

I was very fortunate as well because the STF crew are also going to line up for OX fam 100 km walk so there were a couple of support crew with me which always helps. Michelle and Settimo where the perfect combination of conversation and humour!

So after a day of work and prep we all met at the Hopper Crossing train station to follow the Federation trail all the way in through Footscray ( think of a real dodgy area for those in other parts of Australia) then through past the Wharfs and into the MCG where we woulkd then start phase 2 and meet up with running buddy Helen.

Throughout the walk it was perfect – Weather was awesome- not a cloud in the sky

Apart from a minor scary moment of a dodgy character turning around and starting to walk towards us we rarely encountered anything. After 10 km Settimo was out all day with minimum sleep and decided to pull the pin at the 10 km mark. This was fine so Michelle and I set off setting a reasonable walking pace.

5 am we Arrive to the usual 5 am King street crowd and for anyone not familiar with Melbourne you will find places like the Gentleman’s club and so on there.

First hiccup we arrived too quick we needed to wait 75 mins before the change of clothes, extra food and also change of shoes arrived. SO this was the hardest part of the whole night. Being awake 24 hours is fine but you must keep moving!! After stretching and walking the rest of the STF runners arrived and we made our way to the start line!

Second wind kicked in amongst 8000 other Marathon runners. I actually started to feel really alive- My feet were sore but as soon as the pace picked up they started to feel great- The minor calve soreness was moving away and the body was responding to my nutrition plan!

Sticking with the 4 hour 20 min marker for the first 30 km was a challenge and so I amused myself by saying hi to everyone that would listen giving as many hi 5 as possible!!

Well when we hit St Kilda on the way back and just past the 30 km mark the rain opened up and so did the loss of my focus- my 9 km soon become 5 km per hour at times as my feet started to swell, I waited too long to refuel- I started to see stuff that reminded me of family and friends and that meant one thing when you are awake 30 plus hours emotional wreck!

I had battled around to the one and only hill at the back of the botanical gardens and it is a slow slightly longer than your standard hill and is more a pain in the arse than a challenge when you are fresh but today it was a steady walk. Once I finally reached the top I found a park bench- I remembered I had my phone and I was done! My feet were stinging, I was emotional it was raining I was only 4 km from home – 71 km I had done- surely that was good enough!!!! Surely 31 hours 71 km was good enough – So I called the little man! I was not making any sense apart from mumbling I am done! The crap part of this was if I gave up I still had to get back to the car near the MCG. No First aid in sight( that proved vital- I would have stopped) and a message from friends in Perth to get up of my arse and get moving and Phil running the track to meet me was enough to get me up and going again!!

Well when I met the little man I was moving at 5 min km and not stopping- I was emotional but I had switched back on! Starting to focus on the task on not on me proved a great learning experience. I remembered this is what I wanted. This is what I need to earn my Gold Skull at next years Death Race!! No one asked me to do this no one set me up to fail! I have suffered previously train like Tarzan play like Jane well not anymore!!!! My WTM 2012fears of not finishing were gone!

Some special People needed to be thanked

The Giallo’s – My biggest support crew love them dearly without these guys my training day would not have happened

Helen – Or H as I have some to know her as- One of the toughest women I know fearless welcome to the marathon club and thank you for pushing me after the 30 km point of the Marathon!

Stay tuned guys!! It gets interesting I am gearing up for the week from hell with one of the all time greats of the fitness industry!!


If anyone out there would like to sponsor me as I head toward the FIRST Australian to complete The Death Race 2014 please fill in the form below and I will get back to you!

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