Oh What A Night!

Well the first test of confidence is here – Sleep deprivation.

Death Race is all about how long you can endure for- So is World Toughest Mudder in fact BUT if you do not practice this you will fail. Been lucky enough to train a very experienced Virgin Hostess. We started discussing the body Circadian rhythm which I had never heard of until then. There had been studies in the USA on how your body performs at different parts of the day. Between 3 am and 6 am your bodies temp will lower and almost feel like you are going into shut down mode. So this is made harder in cold weather because the body has to work even harder to stay warm.

Simple Plan

1130 pm start after being awake 18 hours

Run 10 x the Tan 3.84 km the walk 40 kg up a 100 meter hill and back.

Finish at 4 am then go home and wait to be taken to my DR coach for CF punishment at 615 am

Stay awake till lunch then wake up at 3 pm and work till 8 pm

So the start of the week my usual routines


My favourite DB routine of heavy single arm bent over row, deadlift and 1 arm clean and press

Added 10 x barbell squat x 70 kg to the mix- 5 rounds no rest

5 x 15 20 kg plate push ups with 1 min rest between rounds

12 km run


15 km run


30 sets

5 squats 50 kg

10 x Burpees

11 pm the big test

Nutrition plan simple – test 2 things

Natural slow release energy food and also recovery blend. Thanks to Amanda from Healthy Mums for all of her help. nutrition

No food consumption till 130 pm then food every lap set a pace of 6 min km and below

Water consumption only throughout the evening

2 hours from running I loaded up on some homemade one pot wonder which was meat and veggie base. Sat really well I have tried liquid based diets on bigger events and for me they do not work. I am fortunate to know I eat and run.

What made this run even better is I had company. Many thanks to my Sherpa Ian Walter and the HGIT (How Good It This) crew Stuart, Ian and Eli. These boys were gracious enough to join me for 24 kmtraining2training

What I can say is we had one very slow lap – This was mainly the lap after the guys had left. Mentally I was still good but I think the loss of conversation was a bit of a downer but great test for body and mind. The last lap was great because my Sherpa who follows me on bikes and throws things at me when I am falling behind was stiff so he decided to run with me. For those of you who do not know him he is an All Australian over 55 AFL player and a massive heart so for him to be out with me at 330 am that alone I was never going to stop. We stopped running about 345 am. Food and stretch and drive back to PC.

 As you can see by the following pic this was the temp when we were driving home. It dropped to 2.5 degrees and the body was cold. We had worn the appropriate snow skins but the combination of the body not enjoying the 30 minute drive home and the break between the run and CF I started to shiver. Hot shower, foam roller, shit loads of water and some food I was feeling pretty good considering.


My lift arrived at 520 am 5 min late ( very funny watching Australian Dead lifting royalty do burpees in the middle of the street for being late)

What I was dreading Mark loading me up overhead ( please be a Kettlebell routine with running and burpees!! )

Well the WOD went like this-

450 meter run


40 kg push press x 9

Front Bar Lunge x 9 each leg

450 meter run

Well after the first round I was only lifting the 20 kg bar

My front Delts were burning, the gluts were struggling to work and I was in a world of hurt BUT we pushed on finished second last but so so happy to be standing!!

Finished with some basic DB weights for 45 minutes and then

A well earned rest with the family.

Big Thanks to Ian Walter, Tim Germanchis ( Sorry I was drifting to sleep mid sentence on the way home from CF) and the boys from HGIT (How Good Is This)!!

Of course my wonderful wife that only ever wants me to stay home she is constantly sacrificing our time so I can achieve goals. You often hear me say how hard she is on me but Belinda and my baby girl Emmerson are my motivation and my reason for pushing on.

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