Training Update | Trent Shaw – Aussie Death Racer


Goal 1: Run 2 laps Saturday with the potential of Running a 3rd Sunday Morning, First lap 2 hours finished top 10 and the good news is my greyhound of a WTM (Worlds Toughest Mudder) partner Steve finished second.
What I am disappointed about is my efforts with Electric shocks. After many many smashings from the electricity as you will see from the following link, I chose to avoid where possible.
Vivid WTM memories where I was getting face planted by the shocks came rushing back to me! BUT I do get another opportunity in November to redeem myself and well basically not be such a pussy!

Goal 3: Recovery plan of food, ice and stretching and not smashing out a 3rd lap with swollen ankles. It was actually great to run the second lap with the crew and then watch and support some friends.

More and more I realise the importance of foot wear. I wore an old pair of shoes to walk around in on Sunday and support the STF Mudders and I felt it. Pain through the top of my left foot. Ankle issues just from walking in shoes that I ran many many km in and had worn to my old foot strike pattern.
After the 2 hour drive home my Sunday Arvo was basically , Ice, stretching and movies – Yes I know I sat still.

Now – Onto training…

Monday – Screw it just do it!
I have been banging on in my head about a 21 km row and how was I going to possibly sit through it – Well you know what if I can not row 21 km how can I do 70 hours of possible DR torture. SO off I went 1 hour 40 mins. Blows me away that World Cross fit champ can do it in 1 hour 16 mins – If this is done without EPO or other assistance then my hat is off to him and he is super human. BUT another box was ticked and I didn’t spend a week hobbling around which I have done previously at other 40 km plus events.

Tuesday: 10 rounds 10 chins, 10 push ups-  sweet no issues
started to pump out 200 body weight squats and 5 into it I noticed my left adductor tighten and my left glut stopped working so any tightness was apparent straight away.
Rather than risk any other issues I went straight to the roller for 40 minutes of adductor and leg work. 830 pm Ran 8 km to test it out but noticed tightening so more foam roller work was required

Wednesday: 13 km row- 3 km I did 1 leg, left leg only I wanted to burn the left glut and get it going again – Really weird theory I had – I thought if I could drive through the ball of my left foot activate outer quad according to anatomy gurus I should be able to feel it in my butt! Well in my butt did. No issues with adductors at all but foam roller post to be sure. That evening I pumped out 60 x 20 kg plate push ups All done in sets of 20.

Thursday: 45 min DB routine, 10 km row mid morning no run at this stage waiting for Friday remedial treatment. Good news is no Planta issues!! Also carried out a 7 km row to get me to 50 km for the week!!

Friday: Copped a hammering From Teresa at the Movement clinic. Teresa is a 20 year veteran in the remedial industry that is a client and I use when Miss Kim is too busy!!

Saturday: 530 am 12 km run with Tim and H – steady 5 min 30 km pace

Unfortunately any other ideas I had about training again were shot due to my lovely wife deciding to head butt a toy slide and gave herself a mild concussion so I was playing nurse for the weekend. This was a worry because we are 9 weeks pregnant! Oops didn’t I tell you guys- Yes we are now pregnant!! I will not go into detail but Belle and I have had so many miscarriages (5 to be exact) that we are used to bad news. BUT the pregnancy gods have spoken and a little heart beat appeared!!

By the way we are due 6 weeks before I leave for Death Race!

Keep praying for us guys!!



Well with all big adventures there are massive costs involved..

If you want to sponsor Trent in his bid to be the first Australian to finish The Death Race please email (Paypal coming soon)

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