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What a week! We have had some amazing visitors join us from Melbourne – so my exercise/life balance was thrown out of whack. BUT – it is times like this (and trust me there will be MANY TIMES) that you have to go with the flow. Do your best to get some training in and enjoy the company of those around you while you can.

So – my training for last week went a little something like this:

Monday: Bike 30 min (Intervals at a hard pace) – Follwed by 60 Minute Alter G Session

Tuesday: Bike 60min long steady endurance, 2x10min work sets at mod-hard, otherwise just steady pedalling….

Wednesday: swim squad, and Alter-G.

Thursday: Bike 60min – 10min warmup, 5x5mins min blocks of riding at moderate-hard pace, 90rpm, 5mins easy in between.

Friday: I was supposed to swim 2km today. It just didn’t happen. Between 6 kids and 2 working husbands.. it just wasn’t possible.

Saturday: 1km Swim. Again – so many reasons why I didn’t complete my bike session – I am lucky my good friend that was staying with us is a swimmer. So before the AFL Grand Final we snuck out for a quick swim. Not the ride that I had planned – but better than nothing right?

Sunday: Group Run Session. Ended up at 9.4km which included a warm up and some intervals. Pretty happy with that given that for at least 20 minutes it was raining.

I said to Cindy as we were walking from the pool on Saturday- “If I didn’t do my sessions because I didn’t WANT too – then that would be a problem – it would be a time when I would really assess whether I was doing all of this for the right reasons”. My sessions at the moment aren’t critical and can be switched around. There will be a time when I will have to be more strict. Right now I am enjoying getting my fitness back and having fun!


Over the last few weeks I have been feeling much better about my training. I am not seeing huge improvements, but small ones. And I do pat myself on the back for those. Every time you take a small step forward it means that you are a smaller step closer to your goal.

Who doesn’t like seeing progress? We all do. It keeps us moving forward. But the time will come when we plateau. A week where nothing is going right. Weight won’t move (or worse it will increase), sessions won’t line up and your body will feel tired.

It’s at this point I like to look back. Look back at how hard you have worked and how far you have come. It is important to remember that a goal won’t be reached overnight. I have had to repeat this to myself over and over again. I like to see results – fast. If I don’t I do tend to get discouraged.

I am by no means a talented athlete. I wouldn’t even call myself an athlete. I am a Mum on a mission.

I know that when I used to be SO focused on loosing weight as my goal I found it a lot harder to stay on track. I would get discouraged because my only form of measure was the number on the scales – a bad week (ie a gain) would mean a return to the wine and possibly a binge on a bag of Potato Chips. That is no longer the case. I will get the scales out every other week. I like to keep a track. But I don’t live and die by what comes up. Now I am focused on making progress on my FITNESS goals. Set a fitness goal – whether it be to run for 5 minutes or 5km non stop. Pick an event. I am an event girl – I like to have one coming up at all times – it keeps me focused.

So on this 8 month journey I need to make towards Busso 70.3 I am ALWAYS congratulating myself. For the longest ride I have completed, the fastest I have run in a while or getting that drill right swim squad. So you may see me cheering myself on over on my Facebook page. But this is my way to keep a track. So when I have one of “those” weeks – I can see that it isn’t all in vain.Make sure you get out there. I would love to hear of any fitness related goals that you may have set and achieved or are stil on your way to acheiving.

Don’t Stop Dreaming!

Thanks for stopping by.


PS – Don’t forget you can also visit me over at my main blog Tri Hard – Then Tri Harder.

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