September Training Log – Trent Shaw – Aussie Death Racer

Monday 2nd Sept 10 km run 5 km row

Tuesday 3rd Sept 20 km run You Yangs

Wednesday 4th Sept  70 push ups with 20 kg plate on my back. Cut short thanks to a Bridesmaid moment…

Thursday 5th – Full recovery thanks to the use of essential oils and we were straight into 5 x 5 routine with Australian Dead lift record holder and all round good guy Tim

Plus we through in some 20 , 25 kg and 50 kg plate push ups

Friday 6th Crossfit time with Coach Mark

WOD 1 (Workoout Of the Day)trentcrossfit

3 rounds of 30 secs 30 kg max squats 22/25/27 reps


1 arm KB swings plus 100 meter run 16 kg KB workout complete in 8 min 39 secs

WOD 2-

1000 meter row

9/7/5 reps 60 kg clean

Burpee over Bar-

Very interesting workout – My 60 kg cleans were a struggle

Saturday 7th September

Long Run 22 km broken up over 2 runs- 500 stairs

Sunday rest and recover

Tough Mudder Week!!

Monday 9th September

5 rounds of

1 km row

5 x 60 kg DB deadlift

5 x 30 kg Single arm bent over row

5 x 30 kg single arm DB squat press

Tuesday 10th September


Wednesday 11th September

1 mile Lunges

500 Burpees

Thursday and Friday Rest and TM prep.

Food – Check

Clothes- check

Foam Roller – Check

STF Muddy Walrus Team –Check

All of this accomplished with a business to run and a very patient wife at home – where there is a will there is a way. If you really want to acheive something you will fit it in to your life – No Excuses!


Well with all big adventures there are massive costs involved..

If you want to sponsor Trent in his bid to be the first Australian to finish The Death Race please email (Paypal coming soon)

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