Training Schedule – Mum on The Run

IMG_3737Being a Mum, managing 3 kids – house – work and some down time is hard enough. Then you decide you want to do something a bit different. Something that is going to not just be a solo effort, but a family effort. It is going to require time out and additional time for Dad to take after the kids.

Orgainisation steps up to the next level. And it can be done! Sure it takes juggling, but if you want it bad enough – it can be done.

Some of my tips for getting through..

  1. Get your partner on board. Make sure they know how much this goal means to you – and what will be required of them.
  2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule. At the start of each week I pencil in my training into my diary. I give it a time slot and that is it. It can’t be moved or negotiated. I will either get up early some days, or schedule it in around my youngest daughters lunch time, when she is happy to sit, eat and watch a movie.
  3. Organisation – I am probably the least organised person I know. And if I can manage this anyone can. I pre-prepare meals – although I am lucky that my husband isn’t completely bad in the kitchen. Snacks is always a big one too. I make sure I have some healthy homemade muesli bars, a seed and nut mix and maybe some homemade Fruit Bread and Protein Balls on hand and ready for when the snack attacks. I have just written a list of my current favourite recipes on my other Blog (Tri Hard – Then Tri Harder). Go and check them out and they are sure to help.
  4. Know that there will be days where everything doesn’t go to plan. Sick kids, sick husbands and babysitters that fall through. Suck it up – deal with it and move forward. So you missed a session. Big deal. There is another one tomorrow.

So in saying that – my training plan this week – well it didn’t go to plan because my husband was away. But I moved forward and re-jigged some things so I could still fit some things in. And I even gave myself a day (or 2) off.

  • Monday: 45 mins Bike Intervals
  • Tuesday: Alter G Treadmill (Anti Gravity Treadmill – I will post on this soon!)
  • Wednesday: Day Off. I was supposed to swim. But with no babysitters or husbands available – I decided it was a night off.
  • Thursday: 60 Minutes of Bike Intervals followed by Alter G Treadmill
  • Friday: 2km Swim Intervals
  • Saturday: Swim Squad (missed on Wednesday) and then 1.5hrs on the bike
  • Sunday: Rest

I am lucky enough to have a Triathlon coach and Trent who both tell me what to do – if you are thinking of doing any major event I strongly recommend hiring a professional to give you some guidance. Especially if you are new to it all. It will help you to avoid injury and train to your full capacity.

Hopefully my tips will help – would love to hear if you have any more tips that will help!!

Thanks for Stopping By!


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