Off We Go.. Tough Mudder

After Tough Mudder in January 2013 I had destroyed my body through lack of training, World Tough Mudder blues, 12 kg weight gain and then I thought it would be a great idea to run not 1 but 3 laps.

Around the half way point I had sprained both ankles through constant rolling and poor running technique while tired.  We shall soon see.   IMG_3738

The good news is I am running side buy side with my WTM partner Steve but here is the tough part. Steve now only runs at his pace and I can tell you it is quick he is a greyhound!


Challenge 1- Run first lap sub 2 hours – Crossed in 2 hours flat Steve was way too fast- He finished second I was top 10

Challenge 2 – complete second lap with the STF muddy walrus crew- 3 to 4 hours

Challenge 3 – Get up and exercise Monday

Challenge 4- Injury free and mentally strong and follow nutrition and recovery plan

All in all a great day out with a great bunch of people.

Details of my training for September are coming up next. Let me tell you it is now walk in the park… just like The Death Race.

Back Soon,


Will he do what no Aussie has done before?
If you want to sponsor Trent in his bid to be the first Australian to finish The Death Race please email (Paypal coming soon)

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