What is Death Race?

After competing in World’s Toughest Mudder I was up for a new challenge.

One that would take me to my limits, not only mentally but physically.


Enter The Death Race. With an appropriately named website  – www.youmaydie.com.

I will use this blog as a way to show you the kind of preparation that it will take to NOT Die.

To give you more of an idea of what The Death Race is all about – please watch this below You Tube from the 2011 Death Race.

Look forward to having you on this journey with me – if you want to know more you can also follow me on Facebook.

Will our Own Aussie Death Racer bring home the holly grail?


If you want to sponsor Trent in his bid to be the first Australian to finish The Death Race please email trent@shawthingfitness.com.au. (Paypal coming soon)

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